Shaping Social Justice Leadership

The personal narratives in the book are not narratives in the traditional educational leadership research tradition of reflective/narrative inquiry. What they have done is to marry feminist theories to narrative methods and the result is a new methodological genre for studying social justice. The book takes the reader from the individual and the personal to the international/global/collective (and that explicitly includes men/educators) on the metaphorical journey.
Shaping Social Justice Leadership: Insights of Women Educators Worldwide begins with the question “How have the lived experiences of women educational leaders influenced their lives and professional/leadership decisions?” Make no mistake, this book has more in common with Kate Millet, Betty Friedan, Germaine Greer and Carol Gilligan than with traditional educational leadership researchers, past or present. The authors, Linda Lyman from the US, Jane Strachan from New Zealand, and Angeliki Lazaridou from Greece, have created a book in which successful school, school district and university leaders teach social justice by exposing, and academically exploring, the most personal of personally lived realities. 
   From the book's "Prelude" by Ira Bogotch, Professor of Educational Leadership; Florida Atlantic University
". . . a new methodological genre for studying social justice." 

June 2012 • 260 pages 
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